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Fun Ways to Beat
the Summer Heat

Beat the Heat

Here are fun activities you and your kids will enjoy on even the hottest days.

Summer's finally here and the kids are all revved up for fun. But wait...the temperature's rising and it's just too hot to run around outside. What are they (and you) going to do now? Here are some great ideas to help you keep the kids entertained without resorting to ANOTHER viewing of their favorite video.

1. Take your kids to a local museum. Most cities have museums that never charge admission, don't charge admission on certain days or charge only a nominal admission fee. In addition to having fun in an air-conditioned building, your children will be introduced to art, history, science or whatever topic your particular museum may cover.

2. Include water in your activities. Take advantage of your municipal pools and lakes. Set up a wading pool in your backyard. Have a contest with water guns and water balloons. Put bathing suits on the kids and let them "help" you wash the car. Even something as simple as running through the sprinkler can bring a lot of cool, wet joy to a child.

3. Make and serve some cool treats. Nothing beats homemade popsicles, sun tea or lemonade on a hot summer day.

4. Go to "storytime" or book club meetings. Most local libraries offer different storytimes for different age groups, often with summer reading clubs for older kids. Bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble, also frequently offer storytimes for kids (with no obligation to purchase anything).

5. Have an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor, serve kid-pleasing finger foods and have a picnic without all the heat and the ants.

Have fun and stay cool!

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